Cottage Chat


Picket Fence Garden

Cottage Chat is a weekly e-newsletter, originally written in connection with a cottage collectables business.  After retiring from the shop in 2009, Sharon continued publishing Cottage Chat as a cottage lifestyle newsletter.  Cottage Chat is an insiders’ look at what’s new in cottage decorating, recipes, project ideas, and destinations.

From her location in their restored dairy barn in Illinois, Sharon’s view of the world is home-centered and value-based.  To receive Cottage Chat, e-mail Sharon at the Farm Grove barn:  and ask to be added to our complimentary subscription list.


8 Responses to Cottage Chat

  1. debbie senecal says:

    Hi I would really like to start getting your news letter.debbie

  2. Sharon L. Clemens says:


    To receive our weekly e-newsletter Cottage Chat, contact me by e-mail @:

    I will place your e-mail address on our mailing list ASAP!

    Welcome to Cottage Chat.

    Best from the Barn @ Farm Grove Collectables,

  3. Glenda McLaughlin says:

    Please add my email address to your newsletter list. I was directed to you by a friend and am most anxious to hear more about your lifestyle.
    Thank you,

    • Sharon L. Clemens says:

      Welcome to Cottage Chat, our e-mail weekly newsletter. Cottage Chat is a cottage lifestyle informational connection with like-minded kindred spirits! You will receive your first Cottage Chat this week.

      Best From the Barn @ Farm Grove,

  4. Jessica Riscili says:

    Hi Aunt Sharon! I would love to be added to your list! Loved what I have read already, and enjoy hearing what you are up to!


    • Sharon L. Clemens says:

      Hi Jess,
      I’ll add your e-mail to Cottage Chat. You will receive a bi-weekly newsletter that pretty much is a journal of what occupies my spare time. Hope you are well!
      Aunt Sharon

  5. Diane Subbert says:

    Hi Sharon,
    I am with the Peoria Garden Club and wanting to know if you do any garden workshops for a program this year. Iam looking forward to your reply. Thankyou Diane Subbert

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